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Officially the latest album released by the british super group, Lows & Highs is the triumphant epilogue to these fascinating adventure in rhythm. Featuring vocals from Crucial Tony and Lizard Logan this is probably the most straight ahead reggae album in their whole discography. Producer Adrian Sherwood is in charge behind the desk while Style Scott, Eskimo Fox and Donald Campbell bring all their potential efforts on the drums. Deadly Headley and Dave’ Flash’ Wright are the top horn section here. The album features the bonus track Read And Learn from 1982 single ‘Love I Can Feel’. A must have for any english dub worshipper.
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Limited Edition 500 Copies
The city of Bristol has undoubtedly a rich reggae heritage. The criminally neglected Talisman finally benefits of a long overdue release, collecting their first efforts plus a series of extra tracks. You’ll get their first two singles released on Recreational Records – Run Come Girl/Wicked Dem and Dole Age/Free Speech, both released in 1981 – plus a selection of five long lost contribution. Originally formed in 1977 as Revelation Rockers, a name they soon changed, Talisman were considered the top reggae act in town alongside local contemporaries Black Roots. The band – popular for their intense live shows – opened for such glorious and diverse acts as Burning Spear, The Clash and The Rolling Stones! This proper release on vinyl allows a new generation of fans to catch with their original style. Talisman certainly shows a different side of the UK reggae flourishing scene – think about Aswad, Steel Pulse and Misty In Roots – putting Bristol back on the map!
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(LP) 33 EWE - BY JJM
33 EWE is formed from the meeting of Joseph, Mawuko, Togolese multi-instrumentalist musicians; and Juan, a Cantabrian drummer living temporarily in Togo and a neighbor of both."By JJM" is 33 EWE's first recording. It is an album that claims for meeting and dialogue, in this case, between Africa and Europe in four languages ​​(Spanish, English French and Ewé, the language of Togo). The music walks between traditional West African rhythms and African Gospel with structures that tend to pop and catchy choruses.
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